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Black Rose Gallery

Detroit. (2022)

As part of Motor City Match, this former church is being repurposed into an art gallery and photography studio for @BlackRoseGalleryinc. We explored the analogous typology between black box performance space and the typical exhibition arena by defining the role of a ‘capsule of objects’. The mechanism of Kirigami, (where paper is cut and folded), is applied to how space is transformed, manipulated, and experienced, all while maintaining modularity for the display and storage of artifacts. This ‘capsule of objects’ uses cost-effective restraint and simplicity, allowing a variety of configurations for stage and audience interaction. Large-scale pivot ‘doors’ reveal colorful displays of art, and double-layered curtains define spatial configurations. This approach to Kirigami creates a dynamic experience of discovery, while black pigmented, veneer plywood and black velvet curtains contrast the brightly lit artwork and activities. This transformative intervention supports responsive feedback and affords a community ‘third space’, which invests in the creative capital of Detroiters.

Mechanical engineer: ediFel
Electrical engineer: @stevecaladiao