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As neighborhood architects, our commitment is to support local businesses and residents by designing experiences that promote liberation, joy, and agency. Headquartered in Southwest Detroit, we believe everyone deserves to benefit from good design through inclusive community development.

Our team’s design process centers client goals, generating value by creating a variety of scenarios that envision the imaginations and aspirations of our constituents. Our projects are informed by building relationships with neighboring block clubs and partnering with community leaders, we design and develop equitable systems that increase access to social, cultural, and material needs.

Our Services:
-Architectural Design   
-Public Space   
-Urban Design   
-Art Installations   

-Custom Millwork + Furniture   
-Metal Work + Fabrication   
-Construction Administration
-Design-Build Collaboration   
-Volunteer Build Facilitation

Project visioning:
-Public Engagement   
-Key Stakeholder   
-Visioning Sessions  
-Focus Group Design & Facilitation   
-Design Framework Guide
Design and Documentation:
-3D Modeling   
-Building Permit Drawings   
-Engineering Coordination
-Feasibility Analysis   
-Construction Documentation